Nashville Sounding Board is dedicated to discussing social and political issues affecting Middle Tennessee.


I'm Benjamin Eagles and I produce the Nashville Sounding Board. I hope this podcast prompts long-form civil discussions of important local issues.

I moved to Nashville in 2007 to attend Vanderbilt University. The disparities present at Vanderbilt sparked my interest in economic justice issues. In college I helped organize campaigns against layoffs, for living wages for service staff, for responsible investment, for recognition of MLK Day and for endorsement of the DREAM ACT. After college, I founded a nonprofit organization, OUR Vanderbilt, to continue building towards a more responsible university community. My interest in policy led me to grad school, but not before working on several political campaigns at the state and local level, including Amendment 3 for local-hire. I currently work in the Finance Department for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.*

I received a degree in philosophy from Vanderbilt and a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University.

*Expressed views are mine alone and do not reflect the views of my employer.